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Community Post: 7 Of The Best Airports To Be Stuck In

1. 1. London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

Feeling like Italian food? Maybe Indian? Or maybe you’re just trying to find something gluten free? LHR is the place for you. So. Many. Options. Still have time after you eat? Check out the fantastic shopping that is LHR. There’s even a Tiffany & Co. Still have some time left? People watch. LHR hosts more than 70 million travelers a year.

2. 2. Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

This airport has continuously been noticed for its cleanliness. Able to accommodate 90 million passengers annually, people watching will certainly be available. Tons of shopping, food, and an OBSERVATION DECK. Still not satisfied? Eight more gates, new parking, and a new hotel are scheduled to open in March of 2014.

3. 3. San Francisco Airport (SFO)

Feeling antsy? Take a ride around the Skytrain. There are two different lines that you can take around the airport. These are free. Next, head on over to check out some of the museum quality exhibits featured around the airport. If you have an insane amount of time to kill, buy a cheap ticket for the BART and head into downtown SF for a couple of hours. It won’t break the bank and there are stops every 15 minutes or so. If your flight delay is making you uneasy you can also check out their private yoga room. Namaste.

4. 4. Zurich Airport

First and foremost, Zurich Airport was expanded majorly in 2003 adding on an underground AND automated train called Skymetro that will shuttle all travelers around. But even better? Zurich Airport is only a 10 minute train ride from the city center of Zurich with trains leaving EVERY 10 MINUTES! With efficiency like that, it won’t be too hard to explore Zurich while your flight is delayed. With some of the best city tours, museums, and food in the world- splurge on a train pass for the day and see the sights. You won’t regret it.

5. 5. Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)

I wouldn’t even worry if you get stuck at Hong Kong international, there’s so many things to do to fill your time you won’t even know how to choose. Of course there’s a number of amazing and fancy shops to spoil yourselves or others. There’s no shortage of food choices, either. There’s the finest Asian cuisine, fast food choices, western restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and cafes. But if you’re really looking for something different, check out their IMAX THEATRE. Yes, a theatre. If you aren’t in the mood for a movie, you can always expand your brain in the Dream Come True Education Park. Technically it’s for children but hey- I’m not ready to grow up.

6. 6. Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS)

It’s just like Las Vegas! Except it’s not. But hey, they have a casino. Kill some time by trying your hand at poker. Maybe you’ll win enough to schedule a returning flight for next year. After the stress of the casino, you can head on over to one of their many spas for a relaxing massage. Or check out the airport library to do some light (or heavy) reading. If nothing else, quickly find a mate and get married in the airport with one of their four available themes; “Ready For Takeoff,” Fly Away to Yesterday,” “Say Yes and Go,” or ” Ticket to Paradise.” While in Amsterdam….

7. 7. Singapore Changi Airport

There’s no shortage of sights to see at Singapore Changi Airport. The entire airport was designed with the purpose of reducing the stress of travel. There are OSIM leg massage stations scattered all over the airport for your use. If that doesn’t satisfy, the airport also features a Fish Spa where you can treat yourself to foot reflexology, shoulder kneading, and unlimited dipping into a pool of Turkish fish that will eat that dead skin right off your feet. This airport also features an entire area of gaming, a free movie theatre, and six gardens. Some of these gardens even feature BUTTERFLIES. For the cherry on top of the perfect day, there’s a 4 story slide. Go on my friends, go slide.

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24 maneiras deliciosamente saudáveis de satisfazer seu desejo de doces

E gente, isso NÃO é comida diet.

View this image ›

1. Creme de chocolate com abacate

Creme de chocolate com abacate

View this image ›

Abacate FTW. Receita aqui.

2. Picolés de limonada e morango

Picolés de limonada e morango

View this image ›

Perfeitos. Receita aqui.

3. Rodelinhas congeladas de banana com cobertura de chocolate

Rodelinhas congeladas de banana com cobertura de chocolate

View this image ›

Fácil e saudável: que doçura. Receita aqui.

4. Sorbet de amora silvestre e cabernet

Sorbet de amora silvestre e cabernet

View this image ›

Para a pessoa com uma máquina de fazer sorvete e uma paixão por vinho tinto. Receita aqui.

5. Raspadinha italiana de melancia e gengibre

Raspadinha italiana de melancia e gengibre

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O lanche perfeito para acompanhar a comédia romântica perfeita. Receita aqui.

6. Bolo fudge de chocolate sem glúten, lactose e farináceos

Bolo fudge de chocolate sem glúten, lactose e farináceos

View this image ›

Tããããããoo cremoso. Receita aqui.

7. Sorvete de vinagre balsâmico e buttermilk (leitelho)

Sorvete de vinagre balsâmico e buttermilk (leitelho)

View this image ›

Aviso: fácil e delicioso. Provavelmente viciante. Receita aqui.

8. Picolés cremosos de mirtilo

Picolés cremosos de mirtilo

View this image ›

Picolé cremoso: o primo mais rico do picolé de fruta. Receita aqui.

9. Torta leve e crua de manteiga de amendoim

Torta leve e crua de manteiga de amendoim

View this image ›

Você vai ficar chocado pelo quanto que esta receita não faz mal para você. Receita aqui.

10. Toranjas tostadas no rum

Toranjas tostadas no rum

View this image › / Ingalls Photography

O rum deixa tudo melhor, não é mesmo? Receita aqui.

11. Crocante de frutas de verão

Crocante de frutas de verão

View this image ›

Mais um motivo para esperar ansiosamente pelo verão. Receita aqui.

12. Cookies de chocolate com aveia para um coração mais saudável

Cookies de chocolate com aveia para um coração mais saudável

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Alerta de ingrediente secreto: abacate substitui a manteiga. Receita aqui.

13. Torta vermelha, branca e azul de frozen yogurt com blueberry e crosta de granola


(Use frozen yogurt natural e sem gordura em vez de sorvete) Receita aqui.

14. Crocante de maçã e granola de frigideira

Crocante de maçã e granola de frigideira

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Tostar a granola faz com que ela fique leve e crocante. Receita aqui.

15. Abacaxi grelhado com açúcar mascavo e manteiga

Abacaxi grelhado com açúcar mascavo e manteiga

View this image ›

Sinta-se livre para ajustar as quantidades de manteiga e açúcar, dependendo da sua vontade de ser saudável. Receita aqui.

16. Creme de chia, chocolate e framboesa

Creme de chia, chocolate e framboesa

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Você chama isso de sobremesa, eu chamo de café da manhã. Receita aqui.

17. Manga Brûlée

Manga Brûlée

View this image ›

Maçaricos não são necessários. Receita aqui.

18. Chantilly de coco + morangos

Chantilly de coco + morangos

View this image ›

Desculpe, chantilly spray, você foi substituído. Receita aqui.

19. Bolo invertido matinal de abacaxi

Bolo invertido matinal de abacaxi

View this image ›

Cerca de um milhão de ingredientes, mas VALE A PENA. Receita aqui.

20. Peras em calda com cardamomo e açafrão

Peras em calda com cardamomo e açafrão

View this image › / Jonathan Lovekin

Precisa de crème fraîche e açúcar, mas também vai frutas, então dá pra se sentir bem com isso. Receita aqui.

21. Trufas de chocolate sem culpa

Trufas de chocolate sem culpa

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Cremosas e deliciosas e tão, tão gostosas. Receita aqui.

22. Mousse triplo de chocolate

Mousse triplo de chocolate

View this image ›

Hahahaha tofu em vez de creme de leite. Receita aqui.

23. Parfaits assados de morango, ruibarbo e iogurte

Parfaits assados de morango, ruibarbo e iogurte

View this image ›

Outra sobremesa que você poderia legitimamente comer no café da manhã. Receita aqui.

24. Brownies de batata-doce

Brownies de batata-doce

View this image ›

Meu Deus, como podem ser tão saudáveis? Receita aqui. (Versão para quem faz a dieta paleolítica disponível aqui.)

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Irish Bank Execs Caught On Tape: Lure Government Into Bailout, Don’t Pay Back

Via Kevin Tang

Taped phone conversations posted by The Irish Independent show two Anglo Irish Bank executives discussing how to secure billions in taxpayer-backed bailouts. They joked about when they plan to pay back the money (“which is never”) and why they requested the sum of €7 billion (“picked it out of my arse”).

The tapes confirm suspicions that execs knowingly siphoned public money into an ailing bank that would eventually collapse and nationalize in 2009. Officials in Ireland are now investigating the case.

The conversation dates to the height of the financial crisis in 2008, with senior executive John Bowe describing how to approach Central Bank for €7 billion in public assistance.

“Under the terms that say repayment [of the bailout], we say ‘no’,” Bowe can be heard saying.

Anglo Irish Bank later soaked up a total of €30 billion in bailouts before collapsing and nationalizing. In 2011, the bank posted the largest corporate losses (€17.5 billion) in Irish history. BBC’s Simon McCoy and Jim Fitzpatrick describes the public reaction in Ireland to the tapes as ‘teeth-grinding anger.’

“Ireland lost its economic sovereignty because Anglo bankers lied,” a column in the Independent says.

Another snippet of the conversation shows them detailing their strategy to incrementally rope the Central Bank into offering a larger bailout package.

“That number is seven [billion], but the reality is that actually we need more than that,” Bowe can be heard saying. “But the strategy here is you pull them in, you get them to write a big [check] and they have to … support their money, you know.”

“They’ve got skin in the game and that’s key,” the other manager says.

Clarifying why he asked for €7 billion, Bowe says that if Central Bank saw the enormity of the bailout Anglo Irish really needed, “they might say the cost to the taxpayer is too high.”

Both managers involved in the conversation have released statements on BBC denying that they were on the executive board deciding the actual funding strategy.

In another tape, Anglo Irish Bank CEO David Drumm mocked the rush of German deposits in the struggling Anglo Irish Bank by singing “Deutschland, Deutschland, über alles” and urged his employees to “get the fucking money in.”

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Mom Records As Kid Contemplates His Diet While On The Toilet

Mom Records As Kid Contemplates His Diet While On The Toilet

At only 3.5 years old, DefinitiveBabySign‘s silly toddler is already understanding the effects of his diet on his bowel movements. 

After a day of eating raisins, chocolate, cheese, apples, and more, he had a serious talk with himself while on to toilet.

“I will never eat that much food again,” he said to himself without realizing mom and dad were just outside recording his personal potty conversation.

“Ugh! That will make the toilet overflow again!” 


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10 Creepy Internet Stories That Are Disturbingly Believable

We all love it when the Internet tries to scare us, especially when it taps into our imagination and lets us do most of the work of scaring ourselves. Whether you call those stories “urban legends” or “creepypasta,” there is a quality to them that mainstream horror doesn’t quite provide.

10Broadcast Interruption

In Seneca, South Carolina, an unnamed viewer is channel surfing. He stops on a broadcast of one of his old teachers reading a poem on public television. As he watches, the teacher’s poem is interrupted by a cartoon, which features a typical, middle-class family on a typical day. It is drawn in an overly detailed but choppy style of the sort fashionable in America in the early ’90s.

As the family makes small talk, a broadcast comes on the radio about how mutations are occurring, flesh is melting, and monsters are emerging from the sea. The family ignores this, despite the fact a green light is coming in through the windows and their skin is becoming jaundiced. They go about their day, absorbing more and more of the green glow, which is making them more and more like mutant blobs. The cartoon ends with white text that reads “Report to the nearest shelter immediately. Remaining at private residences is strictly prohibited.” The date of November 17, 2017 is stated in the cartoon, giving the experience a sense of being prophetic. The author of this story is unknown, and the tale itself seems to have emerged sometime around 2011.

As bizarre as the cartoon and its predictions are, real life has shown it’s not as far-fetched as you might initially believe. After all, the American Broadcasting Channel, certainly a much bigger target than any public television channel, was once hacked by a man in a Max Headroom mask. The man left behind a much more cryptic message than the one featured in this story. And if this Seneca, South Carolina broadcast were real, it still wouldn’t be quite as gory as a network television broadcast called “A Short Vision” (from 1956, of all times). There has been some weird stuff broadcast over the nation’s airwaves, legitimately or otherwise.

9Woman In The Oven

This story seems to date back to at least 2008. Unfortunately, the name of the original author is lost in the ether. Pity. Someone that can come up with such a bizarre and disturbing story and keep the tone so under control that it stays intriguing and believable deserves more credit.

In a mundane farm house, a woman is found burned to death in an oven. A camera is pointed at the oven, but there is no tape inside. However, a tape seemingly from the camera is discovered by a well behind the house. It shows the woman coming into the shot, setting the oven, climbing inside, and then closing the door after her. After some time, violent banging and shrieking happens inside the oven and smoke begins to emerge. But analysis of the woman in the video and the woman discovered in the oven concludes they are not the same person, based on height and stature. Cremating a human being takes two to three hours at 312 degrees Celsius (593 °F), so it can be reasonably assumed that a commercial stove would leave her sufficiently intact for such analysis. How any of this came to be is left for the readers to attempt to imagine in their nightmares.


Dating back to at least August 9, 2009, Barbie.avi is the story of a young man who goes to a party in a largely abandoned industrial neighborhood. After being awoken early in the morning by something being thrown into a dumpster, he finds a discarded computer tower that he hopes to restore. Looking through the hard drive, he finds a video file labeled “Barbie.avi.” It’s a video of a woman apparently being interviewed, but it’s impossible to hear what she’s saying over the static. It seems the woman is being verbally abused, with “skin” being the only word the protagonist thinks he can read on her lips.

After 40 minutes of watching, he’s convinced something horrible happened to her. In a shot lasting a few seconds at the end of the video, there’s an abandoned home near some railroad tracks a few miles away. He and a friend go to investigate. They don’t find any trace of the woman in the building. However, more significantly, they do realize that there is running water at this decrepit house out in the middle of nowhere. What could have been covered up?

As hard as it is to believe that people might leave evidence of a murder on their computers before carelessly throwing them out, there are cases of people apparently being even more actively self-destructive with their murder evidence. For example, on Thanksgiving in 2012, a man in Little Falls, Minnesota outfitted his house with a large array of cameras and microphones to capture him tormenting and then murdering two young people that broke into his house. Barbie.avi with its ambiguity and subtlety is actually much more believable than real incidents like that.

7Sudden Onset

Author theLittleFears is one of those horror writers who really know how to use novel terrors from real life to enhance a horrifying story’s effect. Sudden Onset’s story is simplicity itself. A 14-year-old boy with strep throat participates in a “Bloody Mary” ritual during a sleepover. He and his friends gather in front of a mirror, turn the lights off, and then say “Bloody Mary” into the mirror three times, hoping that a ghost will appear. We don’t know what happens during the ritual, but we are told the aftermath is that the boy is now afraid of mirrors, feels fingers brushing against him at all times, and consequently lives a life of fear.

What allows this to transcend being a regular spook show is that theLittleFears explains that the boy was diagnosed with pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder—a real condition where children with strep throat suddenly begin to have horrible hallucinations. Thus, this creepypasta straddles the line between the horrors of fact and fiction (and paranormal and normal) to an unusual degree. Does it really matter if there’s actually no ghost of “Bloody Mary” haunting you when your nerves keep telling you she’s got you in her fingers anyway?

6Dear Abby

Kyle Mangione-Smith’s story from 2012 is about a guy’s descent into madness, and how he mistakes obsession for love. It’s told as a series of letters that a grocery store employee writes to “Abby.” He goes from stealing surveillance tapes of her to breaking into her apartment and destroying photos of her boyfriend. His final stroke is to kidnap her, shortly after she’s gone to the police and starts packing up to move out. The man locks himself, Abby, and a knife inside a rented storage garage. As he lays dying, he is comforted to know that whether she kills herself or dies of dehydration, they’ll be together in death in a way they would never have had the chance of being in life.

While it’s an elaborate and cruel way to kill someone, it’s not much more horrifying than the real story of Roger Troy. Roger stalked and murdered Alissa Blanton in 2010, because he’d become obsessed with her while she was a Hooters server. Such are the threats that could enter an attractive person’s life at any time through no fault of their own.

5Burial On Box Hill

TheLittleFears returns to this list with a story that takes curious but real historical facts and asks a rather creepy question. The first section is about historical novelty deaths, like Jim Fixx—the man who popularized jogging—dying while jogging in 1894. The story seems to be included to get the audience’s defenses down. The history lesson then transitions to the unusual life and the even more unusual burial of Major Peter Labelliere. Labelliere was buried in a grave 100 meters (330 ft) deep, facing downward, and he insisted that children should dance on his grave. He is also said to have prophesied his own death and had his coffin sprinkled with twigs and leaves that were traditionally used to aid the transition to the afterlife.

After Peter Labelliere’s odd passing, the story describes the burial arrangements for American general Anthony Wayne, known by the nickname “Mad Anthony.” TheLittleFears mentions that both men were present at the obscure Battle of Paoli, then informs us that Anthony Wayne’s bizarre funeral and burial arrangements called for his bones to be removed and for him to be buried in two parts. She concludes by asking us what these two figures saw at the Battle of Paoli that forced them to arrange burials that would prevent them from ever returning to life.

4Ickbarr Bigelsteine

Written by Stephan D. Harris in 2012 (apparently a bumper year for Internet horror stories), this tale is about a kid using an imaginary friend to keep the darkness at bay. The imaginary friend is a sock puppet–like being that the child sews himself—at best an ugly-cute creation that you would expect a six-year-old to be able to make. It does keep the darkness at bay, until the day the kid loses his first tooth. His doll says he wants it, and the kid is happy to oblige. Apparently, Ickbarr Bigelsteine is very fond of the teeth. He wants the kid to keep providing them. When the kid runs out of his own teeth, he has to get more if he doesn’t want Bigelsteine to bring him into a nightmarish world.

Seemingly about a person suffering from schizophrenia, the story has an especially unpleasant resonance for many parents. This is because children with imaginary friends often say things their parents really don’t want to hear. Yet they should definitely pay attention to what their children say. Take January Schofield, who claimed that her imaginary friends—”400 the Cat” and “Wednesday the Rat”—were telling her to kill the family dog and to jump from buildings. Ickbarr Bigelsteine and his equivalents aren’t real, but the danger they represent is.

3The Red Army

The Red Army is a story of the Russo-Finnish front during World War II. Actually, logically it should be a story of the Winter War of 1939–1940. Despite the opening line saying it happened in 1942, the descriptions of the Soviet Army being repulsed by the Finns and the mentions of Finnish snipers (probably meaning figures like the remarkable Simo Hayha) make it clear the author meant to describe that war instead of World War II.

That pedantry aside, The Red Army is a brief but frightening anecdote of mass cannibalism. Finnish troops overrunning Soviet camps find them either abandoned or having skins hung inside them. Due to a food shortage, the Soviets apparently had no alternative but to resort to the ultimate taboo. The story is accompanied by a photo of what’s purported to be a Red soldier’s flesh, which is presumably all that remains of the man. However, soldiers inspecting the camps find that despite what they’ve been told, the food supplies are fine. Rumors also circulate about some creature stalking the forests.

Untrue as that story might be, there was in fact a considerable amount of cannibalism on the part of the Soviets during the war, although poor logistics were not the cause. It was among Soviet prisoners taken during the Nazi invasion. They were so horribly treated by their captors that only one in five survived imprisonment. SS Colonel Rudolf Hess described in his journal that cannibalism was not uncommon at a camp he visited. Hess claimed that he personally saw a body he was sure had been gutted for the purpose. Also, there was the city of Leningrad, where a million Russians died from combat, disease, and starvation during a 900-day siege. Declassified documents revealed that 260 people were arrested for cannibalism.

As for the creature stalking the forests, real Soviet forests actually had some rather frightening creatures doing rather horrifying things. For example, a spate of wolf attacks occurred in Kirovskaya Oblast in 1944. Children became primary targets, including a group of four girls that were attacked by a pack. With all those problems facing them, Soviet citizens probably would have come to consider a monster stalking the forests as merely another horrible fact of life.

2Ted The Caver


Dating back to 2001, Ted the Caver may be the first creepypasta the Internet has ever produced. It is certainly one of the longest and most exhaustively photographically detailed. Ted and his friend “B” (all names of persons and locations are said to be withheld) decide to explore a deliberately unidentified cave. They dig their way into a narrow opening, which they believe to be about 18 centimeters (7 in) tall—barely tall enough to crawl through. When they begin crawling into this narrow confine, they find hieroglyphics, hear strange noises, and feel the presence of something seemingly malignant. Much of this happens while they’re about as trapped and helpless as they can possibly be. The author writes and posts this account of what happened but then insists he feels compelled to return to the cave. That’s the last we hear from him.

Assuming that Ted and B are not dealing with anything supernatural in the story, real spelunkers have been known to have severe hallucinations. They are among the few people that often explore in absolute darkness and are exposed to other forms of sensory deprivation. As illustrated by the very uncomfortable photo taken by the story’s author, being all but trapped in rock is surely one of the most hellish times to experience hallucinations.


In this popular story by Skarjo, a man deeply locked into his routine is thrown off a little by the fact that he forgot his cell phone. This distracts him on his way to work and to drop off his daughter at the daycare on a hot day. After a seemingly typical day at work, he drives home with a bad smell in the backseat—probably something spilled in the back and has spoiled in the heat. When he gets home, he realizes he forgot to pick up his daughter. But when he gets to the daycare, he finds he was too stuck on disrupted autopilot to notice that he didn’t drop his daughter off there. Gradually, he begins to understand what the bad smell coming from the backseat is. His autopilot disengages, probably never to engage in quite the same way ever again.

Autopilot is almost more of a tragedy than a horror story, but it’s certainly not a fanciful story by any means. There are numerous terrible stories of parents leaving their young children in vehicles. And it’s certainly not limited to negligent parents—a hospital administrator once forgot a child in the car seat, where she perished. As such, this story may just be the worst of all. It tells us that the most horrible things don’t happen because of mysterious malignant intent, psychopathy, or anything paranormal. They happen because we’re fallible human beings.

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Diet coke getting lucky.

Diet coke getting lucky.

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How ticks embed themselves in your skin

A quick, up-close look at ticks’ double-edged, saw-like mouths that can slide into flesh, but not back out…

(via The New York Times)

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Maisie Williams Crashed A “Game Of Thrones” Screening Party And Had A Blast

The wait is finally over. Game of Thrones season six is upon us.

The anticipation is so such that many people decided to stage a screening party for the season premiere. Maisie Williams, or Arya Stark as i’ll be calling her for the majority of the next couple of months, decided to surprise a few fans by inviting herself along.

After asking around on Twitter, she found a couple of friendly companions in Mark and Kate.


(4/12) SNACKS DONE. We were on our way to surprise our lovely fans! A photo posted by @maisie_williams on Apr 24, 2016 at 9:56pm PDT

And there she is – crashing a random screening like a legend.

A pretty optimistic bunch….

(12/12) Ps. Thanks for the dragon egg cookies, they were THA BOMB

A photo posted by @maisie_williams on Apr 24, 2016 at 10:17pm PDT

Maisie has been a busy lady recently. Last week she was pranked unsuspecting fans at a hobby shop. Watch the video below.

Next Post

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5 Most common types of cancer and their symptoms

Cancer is a deadly disease that affects an enormous amount of people every year.

Treatments are touch and go, but detection is really the key so the treatments can be applied as quickly as possible. Here are common forms of cancer and the early warning signs to look for.

1. Breast Cancer

This is the most common non-skin type of cancer as 1 out of 8 women have chances of developing it. The main sign is a node in the breast tissue. Pain in the arms is another sign. Men also can get breast cancer and the same node in the breast tissue can be a sign of such as well as nipple discharge.

Detected early, breast cancer can be treated.

2. Prostate Cancer

Located below the bladder, in front of the rectum, prostate glands in part are responsible for semen production. Prostate cancer can be treated when detected early. Diagnosis has helped greatly in successful treatment.
Men over 50 should especially get a regular prostate check. Usual signs are blood in stool, erectile dysfunction and an ejaculation that is painful. 100 percent recovery can be had if detection is early.

3. Cervical Cancer

When cancer cells confine to the surface of the cervix and eventually spread to the uterus, pelvis walls, and lower vagina (eventually reaching the lungs and liver at final stages) thats when cervical cancer takes place. Vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain are common signs while advance stage signs include weight loss, body pain and urine or faeces leakage from the vagina. Those twice as likely to get cervical cancer are women who have had two or more full-term pregnancies and those who had their first full-term pregnancy before 17.

While some types of sexual behavior may lead to this as well, the most common cause is infection of the cervix with human papillomavirus. A routine Pap test is the ideal way for early detection.

4. Oral Cancer

Oral cancer consists of swelling or thickening of lips or bumps that protrude on the lips. Red or white velvety or speckled patches in the mouth can also be a sign as the mouth may start to bleed for seemingly no reason.

For prevention and detection, regular oral hygiene is highly recommended as well as regular checkups. If you are a smoker you should especially be aware, since their is a higher risk for smokers.

5. Skin cancer

Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma are the common types of skin cancer and they usually are easily visible, thus making chances of early detection really good.

Basically it comes down to melanoma or non melanoma as far as skin cancer goes.

The non melanoma look like patches on the neck which are translucent. If on the chest it will be reddish brown and as it develops, crusty, bleeding skin will form.

The melanoma skin cancer will come through in moles, patches and any change in the texture of skin or the color.

Basically any change in skin appearance should be looked at, even the most little change you should take serious.

The most important thing is early detection along with regular health checkups in order to catch cancer as quickly as possible so you can start treatment to get rid of it. Keep your health in check and be aware of any changes that take place. Prevention is very important and certainly better than having to go through treatments, especially in the late stages.

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21 DIY Ways To Turn Your Life Into “Arrested Development”

1. Super easy but super awesome: dead dove bag.

Well I don’t know what I expected. From Craftster.

2. A lego fortress/staircar build.

Matt De Lanoy built this epic house.

3. Bananas/jumpsuit/denim shorts magnets.

Directions on Popcrafty.

4. Buster-inspired pillow case.

AD lends itself well to cross-stitch. On Craftster.

5. Blue yourself all weekend.

This girl shows you how to paint yourself blue (although she does it via Avatar).

6. Don’t like paint? Use liquid latex.

Here’s where you can get some. It just peels right off when you’re done.

7. Dress up some paper dolls.

You can download Kyle Hilton’s versions, or maybe make your own.

8. Awww.

No tutorial, but still. Aww…from Make: Craft.

9. G.O.B. Segway Mug

Inspiration via Croq Zine.

10. Never-nude embroidery.

For a hoop or a pillow. From Craft Tuts.

12. Famous quotes pillow.

Inspiration from Knotty Gnome.

13. More famous quote embroidery.

On Sweet Adeline Crafts.

14. Valentines/non-season-specific loving cards.

Just don’t use the ones that say “Happy Valentine’s Day”. From Tyler Federer.

15. These.

You know what they are (and if you don’t, get out of here). This recipe from Weelicious.

16. And These.

Not exactly embroidery, more like fabric in an embroidery hoop with paper glued on it. From luckyjackson on Flickr.

17. Your never-nude shorts.

Instructions here.

18. There’s always money in the cat bed.

From Reddit user Freshbroo.

19. Speaking of bananas…

Because you’re maybe sick of your banana mascot browning when you take it to work. From Material Evidence Shop.

20. Paint abs on a tshirt so you can be in the Living Classics pageant.

We have no instructions for this (c’mon internet, what are you doing??), but here’s a “Ripped Abs” tshirt on ebay.

21. Put a stair car on your desk at work.

This one’s on We Are All Angry.

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