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She writes a heartbreaking letter to her dad about rape& it proves words can heal or destroy

He thought he was doing all he could to protect her, until she wrote him this…

In a culture where girls are told to get thicker skin, lighten up, and learn to take a joke, it’s kind of hard to battle those “little things” that slowly degrade women over time.

Why can’t we just find a little humor in dirty jokes or laugh when we’reaffectionately referred to as “whore” or “slut”? Or why can’t we just smile and say “thank you” when a guy says “nice butt”? Why do we all have to be so politically correct?

Well one girl narrates a chilling letter to her father that portrays exactly why…

(Warning: This video contains explicit material.)

She startsby thanking her dad for looking after her so well, even though she’s not yet born. She knows he tries harder than Superman, as he won’t even let her mom eat sushi.

“I will be born a girl,” she continues…”which means by the time Im 14, the boys in my class will have called me a whore, a b****, a c***, and many other things. Its just for fun, of course.”

“By the time I turn 16, a couple of the boys will have snuck their hands down my pants while Im so drunk I cant even stand straight. And although I say no, they just laugh. Its funny, right? If you saw me, Daddy, you would be so ashamed…because Im wasted. No wonder Im raped when Im 21.”

She explains that the boy who raped her was the son of a man who was good friends with her Dada man who he went swimming with every Wednesday, and a man who always told insulting jokes. But her dad would laugh just to be nice. After all, they were harmless, right?

She continues to detail the painful situations that she faces throughout her life as a result of the subtle undertones ofmisogyny woven throughout her everyday experiences.

The girldoesn’t blame her dad, as she knows he would do anything to protect her, but she does ask him one big favor: to be one of those men who goes against the grain.

The message isn’t to blame all the men in this world for the plight of women. Moms and daughters need to see this, just as much as dads and sons. In fact, women often contribute to these stereotypes themselves with the things they call each other. But this video does speak volumes about the power that the males in our livesparticularly our fathershave in influencing us,for better or for worse.

So let’s breed a culture of strong, God-fearing menthose who grow up speaking of women like the rubies they are, even when they’re not around. And thosewho look to the pages of Proverbs for a woman’s worth, not the pages of Playboy….so that when they see girls, they see daughters of the One True King, not pawns in a pornographic fantasy.

THESE are the men our world needs.

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