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Which Member Of The X-Men Are You?

It’s time to find out exactly what kind of mutant you really are.

  1. Daniel Acuna/Marvel Comics
  2. Daniel Acuna/Marvel Comics
  3. Frank Quitely/Marvel Comics
  4. Stuart Immonen/Marvel Comics
  5. John Cassaday/Marvel Comics
  6. David Lopez/Marvel Comics
  7. John Cassaday/Marvel Comics
  8. Terry Dodson/Marvel Comics

Which Member Of The X-Men Are You?

  1. You got: Emma Frost

    You’re glamorous and intelligent, but have a tendency to be vain and petty. Sometimes you seem selfish, but there’s nothing you care about more than helping people in need.

    Terry Dodson/Marvel Comics

  2. You got: Gambit

    You are often amoral and selfish, but deep down, you’re a good person. You’re very charming and fun, and know how to use that to your advantage.

    David Yardin/Marvel Comics

  3. You got: Rogue Terry Dodson/Marvel Comics / Via You have a big, bold personality, but sometimes feel limited by your insecurities. You have a tendency to keep people at a distance, but shouldn't be afraid to let down your guard around the ones who love you.
  4. You got: Magneto

    You are intense and driven, to the point of being something of a zealot. You have good intentions, but sometimes make very bad decisions. To your credit, you always own up to your mistakes and try to improve yourself.

    Daniel Acuna/Marvel Comics

  5. You got: Kitty Pryde

    You’re mature and responsible, and have been since you were very young. You’re very good at a lot of things, and are a very kind and supportive friend. You don’t have the best luck in your love life, but hey, who knows what might happen?

    Paul Smith/Marvel Comics

  6. You got: Jean Grey

    You’re forthright and passionate, but sometimes find it hard to control yourself when you’re overcome with emotion. People find you very attractive, and while you enjoy the attention, it can lead to a lot of conflict and heartbreak in your life.

    Daniel Acuna/Marvel Comics

  7. You got: Colossus

    You’re a very good person, but have a tendency to be a bit of a sad sack. You’re sweet and sensitive, and have the soul of an artist. Life can be very hard, but don’t let it bring you down, OK?

    Terry Dodson/Marvel Comics

  8. You got: Cyclops

    You’re incredibly driven and focused, to the point that you sometimes forget to loosen up and have some fun. You’re always trying to do the right thing, and are willing to do anything it takes to help people. You have a lot of very intense relationships in your life.

    Daniel Acuna/Marvel Comics

  9. You got: Wolverine

    You’re bold and passionate, but sometimes have a hard time controlling yourself. You have a coarse demeanor, but most people find that very charming. You have a tendency to get hung up on unrequited love.

    Ron Garney/Marvel Comics

  10. You got: Beast

    You’re smart and kind, but you’re not very comfortable in your skin. You can do a lot of amazing things, but you’re mainly driven by an impulse to overcompensate for your low self-esteem. You have a strong moral compass, but sometimes get a bit self-righteous.

    John Cassaday/Marvel Comics

  11. You got: Storm

    You’re very smart and centered, and people often look to you for advice and support. You can be very unpredictable – calm and serene one moment, totally badass and confrontational the next.

    Daniel Acuna/Marvel Comics

  12. You got: Nightcrawler

    You don’t have an easy life, but that doesn’t keep you from having an optimistic outlook on life. You’re kind and generous to all, and know how to have fun even when things seem very bleak.

    Ed McGuinness/Marvel Comics


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